Attention Business Owner!  Put Your Business In Front of THOUSANDS of Local Customers For Just A Few Pennies Each!

Reach As Many As 40,000 people for as little as $197!

Why Make It A Big Deal?
  • Maximum Exposure: The huge 9 inch by 12 inch design is guaranteed to be seen!
  • No Folding Or Opening which means it won’t be ignored!
  • High Print Quality so it will withstand wear and tear and be seen more!
  • No Competition since you’re exclusive in your industry
  • High Quality design and offer, all done for you!

How It Works!

Make It A Big Deal

We help you create an offer so attractive that it won’t be missed!  You’re likely running an uphill battle against your competition, so this is your chance to give as many as 40,000 new customers a reason to respond.

Make It Eye Catching

Once you’ve decided on your Big Deal we’ll design it using our in-house graphic design team.  We’ve got tons of experience creating unique advertisements that will appeal to your customer base.  If you’d rather design the ad yourself, we’ll give you size and color specifications to have it flow with the card and make it pop!

Run Your Business

That’s it!  Once we have the card filled with a Big Deal from other local businesses we’ll mail it out using the US Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail service to reach as many as 20,000 people in the local area and optionally distribute an additional 10,000 flyers all around town in waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, break rooms and cafés to reach another 20,000 people!

Simple Pricing:       Buy 1 Standard Spot for $697.  Combine additional spots on the same card for just $450 each.

Even Simpler:          Buy 1 Small Spot for $197.  A 1.75 inch square column to share a spot with 2 other local businesses.6

Marketing your business can be confusing…so we’ve kept our pricing simple.  Each standard ad is 2 inches tall by 5.625 inches wide.  There are as many as 14 spots on each Gigantic Offers postcard.  We’ll design your ad for as little as $97 with as many revisions or updates as you’d like!